01 December 2007


Sometimes it can be a good thing. I signed up for that NaBloPoMo for November and because I agreed to do it I had the pressure on me to complete what I started, I did 90 blog posts in 30 days. Some of them weren't so hot, but I did them. Very, very cool.

As I was working out this morning I thought about that. I agreed to do this, I had the pressure to do it everyday, I did it. The best part was it wasn't tremendous pressure. It would only make me feel bad if I didn't do it. No serious consequences. More like a little prodding than real pressure.

So I've decided to give myself a little prodding, a little added pressure if you will. I have resolved to work out every day in December. Now they won't always be butt-kicking, sweat inducing, heart pounding workouts. Some will be easy hikes or walks around somewhere. But I will be active everyday in December for at least 30 minutes. I've very excited about this. I will be focusing on my running since I have a 10k in 30 days - yikes!!!! But I will also be weight training, aerobics, and biking whenever I can. So here goes.

Today I was looking for a sweat pouring, heart pounding, muscle straining workout. But since I did strength training and running yesterday I was unsure what to do today. I opted for a kick-butt aerobic workout. It was fun and sweaty and a great way to start the weekend. Now, I'm off to try and get my printer working. Ugh!!!! Have I mentioned I hate computers ???


Vickie said...

I was thinking of doing a workout every day in December routine too! Something, every day. Can't hurt.

Anonymous said...

The things i have to do daily....... I just do automatically. I don't feel pressure for those and i don't take any pressure for those. I just hate pressure.

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