23 February 2008

Saturday morning in Hawaii

This morning was so beautiful I decided the only logical thing to do was to go for a bike ride. As I was riding along, passing hundreds of other bikers, I decided the blog world needed to see this.

I live in a little town called Waimanalo. The backroads of Waimanalo are extremely popular places to bike. On any given Saturday or Sunday morning these roads are crowded with bikers. You never know who you will run into on these roads because everyone rides them. Right now is kind of early in the season so it's not too bad, but as we move into the triathlon season these roads will be a busy, busy place.

The backroads are so popular because they are wide, few potholes, and not much traffic. You don't have to worry if your life insurance policy is up to date every time you head out the door. Also, this area is flower farms, horse ranches, and large homes. So it's very quiet and peaceful and perfect for a good ride. It's also got some decent, short hills so you can get a little interval training or hill work in.

Anyway, I stopped on one of the backroads and took these pictures to show you all. These are what the roads are like.

It's hard to see in this photo but this road slopes up. You have a pretty steady slight uphill for a good mile or so on this road. It's not too strenuous but it's a good workout.

And this is the backdrop we ride to. This house happens to be a flower farm. They put the black cloth fencing up to block the view. Flowers are really easy to steal and it's hard to prove it's your flowers. But check out those mountains. Absolutely gorgeous!!!


There are literally miles and miles of these roads to ride on. You can get a helluva workout and never leave this neighborhood. And you can get any kind of workout you want, flat, hilly, intervals, speed. It's the perfect place to live and play.


momo said...

hey, flo! the pictures are beautiful! my family and i just decided to come your way for spring break. we're actually going to maui march 13-21. is there anyplace you'd recommend where i could rent a bike while i'm there? i'd love to ride a bit and take in the scenery that way.

Irene said...

I always enjoy your pictures!

Fe-lady said...

I want to come BAACCCKKKK- and ride with you!

Anonymous said...

Hawaii is great. My favorite place for refreshment. Your picture reminds me that. thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...
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