24 February 2008

What a day!!!

I slept in this morning :) and it was nice. When I finally rolled out of bed I had to get all my chores done before a meeting at noon. So I didn't get a workout in but sure did hit the ground running and did a lot of stuff. Then it was off to the meeting.

You know, I know myself. I know I can be blunt, and gruff, and come off wrong sometimes. I know that. In spite of the that I still manage to get along with most people. There is this one lady in this group though that I just can not stand. She comes off as superior and condescending. She thinks she knows everything. We were trying to get through a whole list of subjects and she kept talking about things no one cared about and asking questions that where inane and inappropriate. She even went so far as to imply that one lady didn't have enough experience. OMG!!! I have now talked to 2 other members of the group, they feel the same way and we just do not know what to do about her. We are agreed that we need to get rid of her but we do not know how to go about it tactfully. How do you push someone aside without seeming rude or hurting their feelings?? She won't go quietly. I just don't know what we are going to do about this. It's a real mess. The really ironic part is that this little group appears to be taking off and it was her idea. What a mess..... This is one of the reasons I hate getting involved in groups. Maybe a hot bath, a nice comfy chemise and some alcohol will calm me down :)

Okay, that's it. I just needed to vent and get some of this off my chest. Tomorrow the serious training begins. I'm 6 weeks out from my first sprint and 12 weeks out from my oly. I'm excited, nervous, and need to get the training on......

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