24 March 2008

Monday Misc.....

Well, it's seems the lethargy has passed. I woke up this morning before the alarm. Did my strength training then went for an hour run. Felt pretty good and still feel pretty good. Glad that's over.

My car is acting up and I have to take it in tomorrow. Tuesday is my swimming day and I'm trying to figure out the logistics. If I swim from 6-6:30 I can be at the dealership a little after 7 and ride my bike to work. Or, I could swim till 6:45, make it to the dealership by 7:30 and ride to work. Or, I could stay home and use my home exercise equipment. Nah, I think I can get a swim in it's just a matter of swimming for how long. Have to remember to pack the bike stuff tonight.

Okay, nothing much to say this morning. Hope everyone has a good Monday.

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