30 March 2008

I think I figured it out

My nausea problem when running. It only really bothers me when I'm going uphill so I, mistakenly, assumed it was related to the hill. Not totally true. Friday I went out for an hour run and before I left I ate a 1/2 banana. By the time I was 3/4 way through my run I started to get hungry. A couple of minutes later I started to get nauseous. Ah ha!! Could there be a connection?? Today on my run I purposely headed towards the hills. The first hill is a long, slow incline that goes on for about a 1/2 mile I believe, and climbs almost 300ft. Just before I left this morning I had a whole banana. I hit that hill and ran it kind of hard and did not once get nauseous. I think I figured out that my problem is hunger. I will test this theory over the next couple of weeks to verify it, but I think I got it.

So my run this morning was great. I cruised along and since it was the hilly route I didn't go as fast as the flat route, but still a fantastic run.

Last night Hubby and I went and played a little tennis. Both of us were a little sore from Thursday still, Hubby's legs and my arm, so we didn't play long but it was fun. The really great part is that Hubby and I have such incredibly different tastes in sports/exercise, it's great that we found something we can do together.

Well, I'm off to relax. Got my run done, the house is clean, the laundry is going, and I've only got grocery shopping left to do. I love lazy Sundays. I am going to do some yoga later. I've been seriously slacking in my stretching/yoga and I really need to get back to it. I'll probably do some more vacation planning too. Maybe we'll fly to the mainland and then rent a class A motorhome and cruise around for a while. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.

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