31 March 2008

On the bike again....

Got up this morning and went for a bike ride. It's finally getting light enough to ride in the morning again. I like riding in the morning. I like being on the road before anyone else. I love riding as the sun comes up. Nothing better. Being a total geek, here's my ride:

Bike Rid

I'm learning to do all this cool photo editing stuff and that's why you get things like this :)

Here's another photo for you:

When I fall on my bike I always fall to the left. I unclip the right first and clip in the left first. So when I lose my balance I tend to have the left in and the right out. This is what's happened to my bike because of my gracefulness. I'm going to need a new seat soon from falling!!!

Okay, that's all I got. I'm having too much fun today to dwell on deep serious thoughts :) So I guess I'll go to work.


Irene said...

Hey, I can see your house from here!


I'm so behind on all the photo editing stuff. I'm very impressed with your talents!

Fe-lady said...

I fall to the right!
Does this have anything to do with "handedness"?
I am left handed!

I don't know how to do all that "geeky" stuff...but I wish I could!

And great job on the consistency of your workouts by the way!

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