29 March 2008

Saturday morning go for a ride...

Yeah, that's not how the song goes, so sue me :)

I went for my bike ride this morning and it was awesome. The weather was perfect, sunny with a little clouds so it wasn't blazing hot. Nice breezes, until I got near the ocean and they turned into killer headwinds. Basically your perfect day in Hawaii Nei.

So I did like I said, just set my Garmin to HR and distance since I was out for a specific distance not a time, and off I went. Of course I forget to actually turn the Garmin on - DOH!!!! So I shorted myself almost a mile, but that's okay. I was shooting for 15 miles and I ended up, really, at 14.2. When I first got back I wasn't sure how that happened until I realized that I completely forgot math and turned around at 7 miles instead of 7.5 miles - DOH!!!! That's okay, it was still fun and I had a great ride.

I did yell at this large group of bikers who were hogging the whole lane. Here in Hawaii we don't have a lot of bike lanes so we have to share with cars. Lots of drivers get pissed off at bikers because they block the lane so the cars can't get around them. This leads to a lot of pissed off drivers. One thing I don't want when I'm out riding is some loony in a car pissed at bikers in general and decides to take it out on me. So this group of about 30 bikers, it's one of the local clubs and I know which one, are riding 4 and 5 abreast. I'm coming from the opposite direction and I can see they've got 3 cars following behind them. So I yelled at them to ride single file, that they were pissing off the drivers. I don't think they were very happy with what I said but it's the truth. It ticks me off when I come on bikers riding like that and I'm a biker!!! Anyway, when I passed this group again later they were all riding single file. Maybe it made a difference. who knows.

That's it for now. I have to shower and head off to work for a little bit. We're still tossing around the whole vacation thing. Maybe instead of going anywhere we'll just invest in some Branson real estate ;)

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