01 April 2008

High - Low

My high so far today was my morning swim. I found this fantastic website, swimplan.com, that makes swim plans for you. It's very cool, just the right length (for me), and not too hard. I love it. My swimming is getting so good. I'm still not the fastest thing in the pool but something has fundamentally changed either in my mind or in my ability. I'm so much more relaxed and at ease in the water. I don't freak out even when I swallow water, I can calmly cough while continuing to swim. It just feels so much better and more natural than it used too. I'm stoked.

My low so far today is that I didn't get picked in the Nike Women's Marathon lottery :( I was really bummed about this. I didn't quite realize how much I was looking forward to it. Oh well, time to look for something else. Hubby and I want to go on vacation in September so I'm going to look for something in September or early October to fit into our vacation. I'll see what I can find.

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Irene said...

I didn't get in, either, and the same thing with my friend who ran it last year, too. I am really dissaponted, too, because I got several people to sign up for it, who don't run, and they got in!

Well, there's next year... Right?

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