28 March 2008

Let Go!!!

Just let go!!! I'm not sure this will make sense but I'll try. I've given up fighting things. Rather than focusing on the negative side of something I'm working on just enjoying the experience. I did it yesterday while swimming. Instead of timing myself and seeing how hard or fast I could go I just let go and enjoyed the swimming itself. I had the best swim I've had in a while. I was pretty fast, for me, but more important I felt like da shark.... I felt sleek and smooth and I felt like I had perfect form. I was even doing bilateral breathing with no problem. It was awesome!!!

My run this morning was the same way. I strapped on my Garmin but I have the display set to only show time and HR. That way I can't calculate pace in my head from the distance :) So I just let go and ran. I started really slow and was just enjoying the run. I watched the sun come up. I said HI to every person I met along the way. I stopped briefly to look at things that interested me. I did not acknowledge aches or pains and just let go and ran. What fun I had. I had the best run I've had in a long, long time. It was awesome!!! When I downloaded the data from my Garmin I discovered that I did better than Monday. I went farther in less time which resulted in an increase in pace. Excellent.

So, what have I learned from this? I've learned that I get obsessive over the craziest things. I'm never going to break any world records and I accept that. But when I focus on things like time and pace, etc. I get crazy and I focus on the negative. I say things to myself like, 'I'm slow', 'I'll never get any faster,' 'I can't do this.' Well, when I say those things they become true. So no more. I have no goals or expectations other than to do it. No more crazy obsessing over numbers.

On tap this weekend is a 15 mile bike ride (don't care how long it takes), an ocean swim, and an hour run. Also want to squeeze in some tennis with Hubby! That's it. No expectations, no goals, no egos involved. Just let go and have some fun.


Vickie said...

That's just what I needed to read before I head out for my 10 mile run. I tend to dread the longer distances. I really have to psyche myself up for it days in advance, and then when the time comes--unless I really have a need to cover the distance that day--I come up with excuses to not do it, or start feeling crappy. I think I'll just go out there and see how it goes!

Irene said...

I think we all do that at some point, you know, psyche out ourselves.

Nice job!

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