28 May 2008

Today I feel like an athlete

and I haven't for a long, long time (or so it seems ;).

Yesterday's bike ride was so awesome I was really looking forward to today's workout. On the books was a 30 minute run and a 2200 m swim. Check and check!!!

I know I'm back to normal because I'm waking up 5-10 minutes before the alarm goes off. I wake up and lay in bed in that half awake half asleep state. When the alarm goes off I'm ready to get up. So at 4:40 I popped out of bed like a jack-in-the-box and I was ready to go.

I brewed some coffee, got dressed, drank some water and by 5 was out the door for my 30 minute run. Running was hard. I don't know if it's because I didn't actually drink any coffee before I left. Or just not having run and being sick for 2 weeks. Whatever, it was tough. But I did it and felt like a rock star. I did not look at Garmin to see how far I went, that was not important this morning.

5:30 - Back home. Feed all the birds, put on my swimsuit, actually drink my coffee, pet the dogs, kiss the hubby. 6:00 out the door heading to the pool. Got hung up chatting with someone for about 15 minutes so was late getting started on my swim, but I was bound and determined to get my total yardage in even if I was a little late to work (I open so no one ever knows when I'm late :). 2200 m later I exit the pool. Yes, you read that right, 2200 m. Do I rock or what??? I haven't swum that far in a long time and it felt fantastic. I pushed some of the laps and took it easy some of the laps, but I did them all. I am pleased.

It's been easily 2 years since I've done 2 workouts in the morning. I used to do it all the time, swim then run, and I really think it helped my training. So it begins again. The first of many bricks (kind of). The best part is now my workout is done for the day and I am positively virtuous.


Michelle said...

You sound great! I think it's safe to say you're back. Great job!!

Fe-lady said...

Yeah for getting it all done before lunch time!
Yes, you ROCK! :-)

Anonymous said...

long time and it felt fantastic. I pushed some of the laps and took it easy some of the laps, but I did them all. I am pleased

Anonymous said...

Hye this sounds damn fantastic and thats really a great job and if you put a little more hard work i think you can make miracles. Congrats and all the very best.


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