19 June 2008

This may not be the best idea

I had such a good ride on Tuesday on the stationary bike doing my intervals, I decided to ride it again today. A small part of the reason was that it was raining this morning too. Not heavily but last time it rained there was some minor landslides along the backroads and I thought I was going to damage my bike. Plus it took me almost 45 minutes to clean my bike. So I hopped on the stationary bike for my hour long ride. And I grabbed a book to read while riding. I'm not sure that's such a good idea but, in my defense, I was sweating up a storm, my thighs were screaming, and my HR was up there. So I got my hour in, got a good workout in, and got to read my book for an hour. A very good morning.

I am not hungry. I just ate breakfast and I feel all bloated now. I wasn't hungry before I ate and now I feel a little sick.. Yuck!!!

I woke up in the middle of the night with some stomach pains. I thought it might have been something I ate, but there was no corresponding intestinal problems, just pain in the stomach - like a cramp. I did have a little blow-up with one of the girls form the bird club and I'm wondering if that's what's behind this. It's mostly my fault as I failed to disseminate some information to her. So it's either stress from that or I'm dying from stomach cancer. You're right, it's probable stress.

That is all.


Anna said...

Double tasking - smart woman!! In those conditions I would have done the same thing.

Yup, probably stress is behind the stomach pains.

Glad it was a good morning!! :)

Ellie Hamilton said...

I can sure relate to eating when not hungry and then feeling crappy. Why do we feel compelled to eat breakfast when we're not hungry for it??? Because "breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and women who eat breakfast weigh less than women who skip it..." Baloney!!!!! Let's make do with coffee till we're truly hungry, then do lunch :-)

Ellie Hamilton said...

Oh, and thanks for inviting me to play the latest "tag" game. I enjoyed posting #5, shocking all my friends who think I'm conservative (which I am....)

Benson said...

Good idea in my book.
And hey, you can add 15-20% to equal a road ride. Nice job.

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