10 July 2008

Family and Fun

Well, it's been a busy couple of days. I'm trying to get back into action (not having too much luck) and life is keeping me hopping.

First, the new girl started at work. She is great and I think will work out just fine, but training someone really takes time. She's at the point where she can't really do anything on her own and so I have to stop what I'm doing and tell her and then go back to what I'm doing, very disruptive. But she's doing fantastic and that's the important part. This is the first real, solid action in our moving out of here. This kind of drives it home, we are leaving Hawaii.

Secondly, Hubby's family is in Hawaii!!! Without going into gory detail, there was a little apprehension on my part on seeing them. There was some minor bad blood a few years back and it was kind of never resolved. I was really afraid it would rear it's ugly head. But it didn't and it turned out to be so wonderful to see them. We had a great time. Getting older does have it's up side I guess. You realize grudges aren't worth it. So that was fun, we had a total blast and I wish we could have spent some more time with them. But, with moving back to the mainland we'll get to see them more.

I was really proud of myself at dinner last night. I had one drink, a mojito, one spring roll, one piece of sushi, and for dinner a half order of salmon. It was good and I was pleased with my choices. I figure the entire dinner was only 13 points. Sweet!! Turns out I didn't even need any Phentermine no prescription or anything. Cool!!!

Well, another morning without working out. I'm not even going to try starting until Saturday. Then we'll see what happens. I'm not going to push it but I'm definitely starting to feel ready again. Yay!!!

Well, I need to get ready for work. I have to be there before the new girl - bleeh!!!


Comm's said...

As I read your post, I can still hear the class room on the other side of my wall going on. Each month we train all our new employees for 40 hours. Then they get training every day in the clubs to get better at what they do.

Glad the family thing went well. Kind of the same thing when my bro was in town over the 4th, the family has some issues with his and wifes parenting skills and it often gets...dramatic. But it went pretty well even with a few hiccups

Irene said...

Good to hear the family visit went so well!

It's hard to train someone, but from all accounts it appears she's going to work out just fine.

angelfish24 said...

Glad the family visit went well. And looking forward to your tinman update if you do that race.

Kewl Nitrox said...

Good to read that all is well. Thanks for the video. The kids loved it. :-)

Michelle said...

I'm glad you're seeing inklings of your fire coming back!! And eating healthy in the meantime. Have fun!!

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