The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step

and I managed to finally make that step this morning. For the last few days the desire to get out there and run has been with me, but not actually great enough to make me do it :) Last night as I was dropping exhausted into bed I thought to myself that I don't like this feeling. This feeling of utter exhaustion and zero energy. Now I know that yesterday it was due to Wednesday night dinner, I was out waaaaaayyyyyy past my bedtime. But in the evenings I have no desire to do anything but lay on the couch and watch TV. Been there, done that and know where it leads. Not a path I want to go down again. So as I'm falling asleep last night I'm telling myself I will get up and run in the morning. Then this morning, about 10 minutes before the alarm went off, I woke up. I haven't done that in almost 2 weeks. So when the alarm did go off I immediately got up, no time for thinking!! I went about the normal morning routine, got the coffee made, got the birdies fed, got my running clothes on...... and headed out. I really wanted to run but I also knew I was going out for an hour. I figured trying to run an hour right off might not be the smartest thing ever, so I walked. Fast.... and I and I walked..... and I got bored. At the half way point I was bored and starting to get tired so I decided to do intervals on the way back. I would run for 1 minute and walk for 2. I did that all the way home. I was out for 54 minutes and went 3.5 miles. I feel awesome! It's weird, even my skin was starting to feel different from not working out. Maybe workouts are a natural acne treatment, who knows?? Anyway, that is all.......


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Yay!! What an accomplishment. Stoke those embers girl!

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