18 August 2008

Okay, now we're cooking.....

The cord for my dirt cheap elliptical came today. Yes!!! I'm very excited.

It takes time but the change is coming around. I worked out a very doable training plan this weekend. I'm logging every bite I eat. I'm already starting to feel it. I'm feeling better and the workouts are starting to click. I have no doubt by the end of the week I will be completely back in the proper head space. Yes!!!

My heel is healing too. I did a little tiny bit of running on the trail on Sunday and it was a tiny bit sore today, but not bad. I think we are making progress. I ordered one of those silly PF socks to wear. The chiro says it will definitely help to keep pressure on the heel all night. I've got to get this heel fixed and soon. I will be doing 2 marathons in 6 months and I am not going to be one of those strollers taking 8 hours to do a marathon. Been there. Done that. Ain't doing it again.

Okay, dinner is almost ready and I'm hungry. The important part is things are definitely turning around.

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