Sometimes things amaze me....

I got into a long conversation the other day with this 24 year old child who did not remember before the Internet. Their entire realm of experience involves the Internet. They grew up with computers, Google, email, etc..... Wow!! Have I gotten old or what??

Then, this afternoon I'm looking around online for something and I stumbled across Johnson & Johnson's website. Again, Wow!!! I remember J&J from when I was growing up. We always had baby powder in the house and No More Tears Shampoo, God I loved that stuff :) Anyway, as I'm cruising around their site a couple of things struck me. First, I didn't realize they are all the brands they are; Acuvue, Tylenol, Splenda, just to name a few. Second, they really are a leader in the healthcare innovation field. It's truly amazing. They are more then 120 years old!! They are over 250 companies operating in 57 countries. I know, I know, I sound like a commercial for J&J, but it really took me by surprise. I guess that's what happens when you don't pay attention, huh?? Oh yeah, what was I looking for?? A specific KY Jelly.... If you haven't tried it I would recommend you give it a shot. Oh yeah, KY, also J&J......Go figure!!!


Vickie said…
Let's just hope it remains an American owned company!

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