It's definitely coming back....

and I love it. I love how I feel when I'm eating right and working out hard. I love how my body feels and how my brain seems to function better. I was reading a blog by someone who has officially given up on the whole weight loss thing. This person says they want to stop feeling bad about themselves for not doing the things they know they should. That weighing and measuring food is not something they can live with. That exercising is just not something they want to do. I read that and felt kind of sad for that person. When I work out and eat right things just seem to go better. Health wise things are always much better. I feel more accepting of myself and my body. I feel more motivated to tackle other things in my life that are unrelated to working out and eating. Everything just seems so much better when I'm taking care of myself. And that doesn't mean I have to be losing weight necessarily, it just means I have to take the time to take care of myself and then the rest of my life seems to function better. It's like they tell you on airplanes, you have to put your oxygen mask on before you attempt to help anyone else.

Anyway, back to me :) I got this Red Carpet Ready workout about 3 weeks ago. I started it and ended up so sore I could hardly walk for 3 days. So I rightly decided to go a little slower. I did 2 weeks of doing it easy and only doing 1 circuit (you're supposed to do 2 or 3). Sunday began the serious workouts. I started doing 2 circuits of the workouts and let me tell you what. Ouch!! I'm not sore but I can sure feel some of my muscles. I really like the workout. It takes about 40 minutes to do 2 full circuits and I'm breathing hard and sweating hard when I'm done. I feel like I worked out. After this mornings workout I hoped onto my brand new elliptical machine and got a 20 minute 'run' in. Wow!! I have not been running and I could feel it in my legs. A Lot!!!! It felt great!!!

Anyway, I'm feeling awesome. I'm feeling my mojo, for lack of a better word, returning. I'm feeling inspired and ready to go. I have a feeling I know what part of the problem was but I don't want to jinx it so I'm not going to say a word. I have, for a couple of days, been in a foul mood. Seriously!! I wanted to strangle my husband on Sunday night for no other reason then he didn't fold the laundry!!! Yeah, something is definitely going on. Well, I probably should get to work. I want to call around for some quotes on car insurance. I haven't looked at my insurance in a couple of years so I thought it's time to check it out.


Lori said…
Congrats on getting in the groove! It's so true that the more you move, the more you want to move.
Maria said…
Exactly! I know this feeling. When you allow yourself to be lazy it makes you feel slow and clumsy. But once you start live healthy - it's pulls into. You feel better mentally, you feel better physically - you are happier. Good luck! :)

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