07 August 2008

Where have all the bloggers gone???

Roman over at Everyman Triathlon did a great post today on bloggers that have moved on. No, they did not die (at least I hope not) they have either stopped posting or made their blogs private or whatever. Some we know why, The Big Kahuna has moved on to bigger and better things like a book deal. Bolder used triathlon as a transition through a painful period of his life and is now moving on to other adventures. Others it's not so clear what happened. They just stopped blogging or disappeared completely. It's kind of sad really.

When I first started blogging these were the people I found. I stumbled into the triathlon bloggers and it was great. There was a lot of inspiration and camaraderie to be found there. It's sad to see people you feel you know, just fall by the wayside. It's a lot like losing touch with friends in real life. Things change, people change, you drift apart and the next thing you know it's years since you've thought of that person. But it's still sad.

Or, is it sadder that I'm still here? That I'm still doing what I was 4 years ago?? Is that the sad part?? I don't think so. Lots of things in my life have changed, and there's even bigger changes to come, but it's nice to have a place that I can go that remains the same.

Ah well, what are you going to do?? Roman's post just got me to thinking about all the people who've come and gone from the blogging world.

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Irene said...

They do come and go. Some delete their blogs because of stalkers or ill willed family members. Like you've suggested, the purpose for why they were blogging no longer exists.
I don't know if I'll ever get to that point of not ever blogging again, but I'm most certainly not going to participate in Blog365 next year. :)

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