06 August 2008

Back to the workouts.....

or lack thereof. So Saturday I got a copy of Red Carpet Ready Workout. I've read a couple people who have done it and liked it and I was looking for something different, this seemed to fit the bill. I downloaded it on Saturday and read it. It's pretty straight forward, strength and cardio. I decided on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday for strength with Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for cardio with swimming. The cardio is intervals and only 30 minutes so I would swim after. Sounded like a great idea.

Sunday morning I headed out to the studio with my handy dandy little book and started my workout. None of the moves seemed particularly hard, but I took it easy anyway. I haven't done any strength training in a while and didn't want to hurt myself. Towards the end of my workout my legs were feeling noodly. That's a little odd, for me anyway, as normally my muscles don't feel it until later or the next day. But there was definitely some weak feelings. As I said, I took it easy, only did one circuit, but by the time I was done I was wiped out. I chalked it up to not eating before hand and not having worked out in a week or two.

Monday morning I got up and got ready to head to the Y. I can't run so I was going to do the elliptical for my intervals. As I'm getting out of bed I notice my legs are sore. Not too bad so I keep going. I do my intervals and by the last one my legs are screaming. I finish and head off to the pool. I only swam for about 25 minutes as my legs were in agony. To make a long story short, by the end of the day I could hardly walk. Sitting down and standing up were a lesson in agony.

Tuesday morning the legs were still pretty sore so I didn't workout. This morning still sore, another day off. OMG!!! That workout is very, very deceptive. It seems pretty easy on the outside but dang it works your muscles like nothing I've done in a long time. Today I have a chiro appointment for my heel and I know he's going to give me grief because I'm so sore. But I didn't push it. I took it easy and still this happened.

So at this point, tomorrow is still up in the air. I'm going to play the rest of the week by ear, see how my legs feel. On Sunday I plan to start my program all over again. It should be better this time. I hope!!! Meanwhile, tomorrow I have to go look for refrigerators. The one in our house died and the owner told us to go check out Sears. So we'll do that tonight or tomorrow. What fun :)

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