18 October 2008

Children and such

My friends in Canada have begun the wait for baby. She was due last week sometime and there appears to be little action on the giving birth front. I remember when I was pregnant I could not wait to get that alien out of me. That's what it reminded me of with all the poking out of parts and such. Looked like the alien from the movie, I thought it was funny. Another friend has a new baby and for some reason we got talking about cribs and crib bedding. When my daughter was born you had little choice in bedding. If you were lucky you could find sets of sheets, pillow and quilt but they were hard to find. Now you can get entire coordinated sets made by big names like Laura Ashley!! Some of them are absolutely gorgeous. It's amazing. So I know there are a lot of pregnant bloggers out there, if you're looking for fancy bedding check out the link. You'll be amazed.

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Irene said...

Yeah, we had a time finding stuff we wanted when I had my daughter so my mother made all of the bedding. Now you just go to Babies R Us (or other similar places) and get overwhelmed with the choices!

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