18 October 2008

Okay, back to me

:) This is my blog after all, right?? So I just wrote a post over at Flo's Place that I didn't even realize was bothering me. I've been a little down and woe is me feeling lately and I think that is what's holding me back. I get into these little funks and sometimes doesn't realize it. Like the past couple of weeks everything has been a battle, working out, eating right, everything. Now I see why. It's hard to see the forest for the trees you know. Anyway, just writing that post made me realize what was going on and feel better about everything in general. So, on that note I'm off to do my strength workout.

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Unknown said...

Congratulations on sticking with it even when it doesn't feel like you wish it would! I know that there are days when I want to just pull the covers over my head and yell "I quit" out to the world. I am the most emotional person I know, and as they say at weight watchers, its all in my head. The struggle, the battle to overcome the struggle, and the success. I chose between those three stages every day when I get up. Hopefully I've made the right choice more often than I've made the wrong choice. It sounds like you certainly have. Good luck!


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