18 October 2008

How to spend a Saturday night

I tell you, I know how to live. It is Saturday night, I'm relatively young, healthy, and what am I doing???? Planning my weight loss. Yeah, I know how to live ;)

Seriously, I've been poring over my Bodybugg info and learning a ton of stuff. Actually, truth be told, I'm not learning anything I didn't already know. It's just being confirmed for me. I eat well during the work week. I plan my breakfast, lunch, and snacks. I take it all with me and that's all I have to eat. My problem lies in dinner and the weekends. So tomorrow it all starts for real. I know I said I was going to start last week but last week fell apart on me. All that is behind me now and I'm ready to make a new start. So tomorrow is a new day......

In other news, I got a new camera. I'm so excited about it. It's a DSLR and I love it. Here's a picture I took with it tonight.

Is he not the cutest!!! That's a really good picture of him. I plan on working on my photo skills and becoming good. I love taking pictures especially of the animals. Okay, that's enough for tonight. It's almost 9, time for bed. I tell you, I know how to live.

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Linda said...

Woohoo! Good picture!

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