29 November 2008

The weekend is going exactly as planned

I've been planning this weekend for about 2 weeks now. Not that I had any great, amazing plans but I had things I wanted to get done and I'm doing it. Thursday I got half a ton of school work done. Yesterday I got out to the Bodies exhibit and a quarter ton of school work done. Today I have the final quarter to complete and then I can completely relax tomorrow. Woo Hoo!!!!

I've also learned some very important things recently. First, for some reason I've been having trouble getting up in the morning. The last couple of days I've realized what's going on. I still wake up at my regular time, 4:30ish, but roll over and go back to sleep. That second sleep, so to speak, is the sleep that makes me feel drugged out and yucky. If I got up when I naturally woke up I would feel a lot better. So I definitely need to start doing that.

Second, if I have a solid plan I stick to it. I knew that but this weekend has proved it in spades. I literally had my days mapped out by the hours and it worked. Yesterday when I went to Bodies - The Exhibition I had set a time limit of 2 hours. I had no idea how big this exhibit was and I knew I wasn't going to rush through it, but I figured 2 hours was more then enough time. As I went through the exhibit, reading every card, studying every system of the body, I never looked at my watch once. When I walked out it was almost 2 hours to the minute from when I entered. I then came home and although I wanted to take a little nap, the plan was to work on school work and that's exactly what I did. What this tells me is that when I set something in my mind it will happen.

What does this all mean?? It means that starting right now I will plan the next day the night before and review it in my head. I will have the schedule set and it will happen. Then, I will get up when I wake up in the mornings. I will not roll over and go back to sleep. Of course, if I have it set in my head that I will get up, I will.

Once I finish the school work I have left today, and the assignments are the same for both classes so I only have to do it once :), I will be done with school except for actually going on Tuesday and Thursday night. A mere formality. So it will be time to shift my focus from school work to some fun stuff, running, photography, etc. I am looking forward to the physical and mental break from attending classes and studying. I have almost 2 months off and I'm looking forward to that.

Okay, now I have to go do my strength training. That's what's on the schedule :)

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Vickie said...

I try to plan my day ahead of time also. Occasionally, that is subject to change, but usually it sticks.

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