28 December 2008

That was ugly...

But I did it.

I made an astonishing discovery this morning. I'm afraid of running. I have had so many injuries and problems because of running that it now scares me. I didn't realize that before and I didn't understand why I would avoid running. Now I get it. So with that knowledge, and the power that goes with it, I headed out for my 4 mile run. I was taking it slow because I figured if I'm afraid of running take it easy and get used to it slowly. I'm not in any rush to break any records so why push it right???

I started off pretty good and was feeling great. I had a nice pace going, about 12 min/mile, and was feeling fantastic. At the 1 mile mark my blood sugar started going wacky. I didn't have anything with me because I was only doing 4 miles. I walked for a couple of minutes and things settled down. I managed to run 2 miles and then headed back. On the way back things got worse. Every time I ran the blood sugar would take a nose dive and I'd get all shaky. I ended up walking and towards the end even that wasn't working. But I got in my 4 miles and I didn't hurt myself. It was definitely ugly, but I did it. Hubby is now making breakfast so I can get some carbs and protein and level out my blood sugar.

Today I'm going to spend cleaning, shopping, and cooking. I got the new Clean Eating magazine (I LOVE that magazine!!!!) and they have some great recipes. I want to have things ready for the week so I can start the New Year on a high note.

So I'm going to eat breakfast and get the cleaning done. I need to move the tv stand. Somehow the birds manage to fling seed behind it even though they are across the room. They probably do it when I'm not home :)

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