27 February 2009

Early morning stream of thought

I have not gotten up to workout all this week, but I have been noting my routines. I have an amazingly hard time getting up at 4:30 but it's fairly easy to get up at 5. Hmmmm..... My main chore in the morning is feeding the birds, that alone takes almost 1/2 hour. Fixing the food takes about 15 minutes and then the actual feeding takes about 15 minutes. Hmmm..... I also have the habit of fixing my lunch and ironing my clothes (if needed) in the morning. That all takes about 20-30 minutes. Hmmmm..... If I get up at 5 there isn't really time to workout. So here's my idea. What if I got the bird's food ready the night before? There's 15 minutes. What if I also packed my lunch and ironed my clothes? There I have at least another 20 minutes. That gives me at least 1/2 hour in the morning with nothing to do. Hmmmm.....Oh yeah, I could use that time to work out!!! There is at least an hour every night that I sit around doing nothing but watching TV. While relaxation is important that's crazy. I can fix lunch or iron during that time. I can make sure I have everything ready for morning so I don't have to worry about it in the morning. Starting tomorrow I'm back to working out, I just need a plan for during the week because it's so hard for me.

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