27 February 2009

Move it, move it

So I've been thinking about my morning post all day. I just have to get moving. I don't have to do a kick ass hard workout, I just have to get moving. So that's what I'm doing tomorrow. I'm going to move. I may charge up the iPod and go for a walk. I may do the elliptical. I may go for a hike. I just have to move. I also need to track my food. That's all I'm going to do. Move and write down what I eat. I have my workload under control and now I need to get my fitness back in order. It's funny, I stepped on the scale this morning because I feel like the Goodyear blimp. It wasn't bad. In fact, it was down a pound. Hmmm....Clearly my eating is fine if I could just get the activity in there it would all be good.

Okay, sorry but I love this :)

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