26 February 2009

Fit & Fresh Product Review

Please note that is is not a paid post. I purchased these items and am so pleased with them overall that I had to write a post about them.

These are Fit & Fresh food containers. They are specifically designed for different foods and/or meals and they have ice packs that fit right into the containers. They keep your food nice and cold for you. I have a few different ones and I absolutely love them. The salad one has a built in dressing holder/dispenser and a space for a knife and fork. I also got a bunch of 1 cup containers that have tiny ice packs that fit in the lid, very cool. I also got the drink shaker for my protein shakes in the morning. I got the breakfast one that's supposed to hold cereal in the bottom, an ice ring that the milk container sits in, and then an upper bowl for fruit or whatever. I love the thought of this one unfortunately I can't get it to work right. The container that holds the milk has to sit inside the ice ring and when I freeze the ice ring the milk container doesn't sit low enough to allow the lid on. I'm bummed about this because I really like this idea. But that's my only complaint. Otherwise I love these things. Just thought I'd share.

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