30 March 2009

5* miles later things are much better

I allowed myself to wallow in the misery yesterday. 24 hours. That was all I had to freak out. When I went to bed last night I told myself it was over and it was time to get a grip. One way of doing that is by working out. So when I got up this morning I headed out for my walk/run. I'm working on getting back into running slowly. At this point everything feels fabulous so I don't want to overdo it and hurt myself. Again. So I've been doing a program that was in Women's Running magazine which is basically a walk/run program. You warm up for 5 minutes (I go 15 because I want the extra time) then you do 4 - 5 min walk/2 min run intervals and cool down for 5 minutes (again, 15 for me). Every week you increase the running time while keeping the walking at 5 minutes. In 10 weeks you will be running 40 minutes straight which should be right around a 5k. Last week I did the 5/2 and overall felt pretty darn good. Today as I headed out I decided it was a great day to go to 5/3. Woo Hoo!! This actually felt better then the 5/2. It's possible that I'm in better shape then I think I am and could probably run longer. I think I'll do 5/3 this week and maybe next week jump to 5/5 or something like that. Anyway, it felt fabulous and by the time I got back I had figured it all out. I know how I'm going to pay for my very expensive tooth. I know how I'm going to pay the taxes. I know how we are going to not only survive but be just wonderful in the process. So all it took was a day to wallow and a 5* mile run. Sweet!!!

*the 5 miles is just an estimate. I haven't been tracking my distance but I know this area and my turnaround point was between the 4.5 and 5 mile area and I decided to go with 5 miles.

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