Falling back into old patterns....

I guess I could consider this a success since I recognized it immediately instead of it going on for days, but it's amazing how quickly I fall back into old habits. Grad school is nearing the end of the semester, in fact there are only 2 classes left - yeah!!!! But Tuesday night a huge paper is due. Huge. I've had all semester to work on it but with other assignments I've put it off and put it off. I did begin working on it about 5 weeks ago and do have the vast majority of the research completed. Now it's a matter of sitting down and synthesizing the information into a coherent paper. It's crunch time. I'm starting to panic. I have today, but I have to take time out to get my tattoo. I work tomorrow. I have Saturday. Sunday is booked from morning to evening so no time there. I have about 4 hours on Monday and something similar on Tuesday. That's it and I'm starting to freak out. So what's the first thing that flies out the window?? My workouts. As if sleeping for an extra 20 minutes is going to in any way help my paper. Not!!! The benefits I get from working out just don't hold a candle to 20 minutes of sleep. So, while I'm pissed I let that habit creep up on me again, I'm glad I recognized it and won't let it become a week of missed workouts. Now, I really have to get to work.


Michelle said…
Hi!! Glad you're still going at it! Did you move yet?
Chrystal K. said…
Good luck on your paper!
My Journey said…
Old habits are hard to break! I can so relate to Grad school assignment deadlines. I think every student puts off doing assignments early but as an adult student with kids and other responsibilities it was somewhat easier to let some things get close to the deadline. Soon it will all be behind you and you will look back remembering only the good. Congrats on refusing to miss your workouts too!
You recognised it. You are no longer a slave to that old pattern. So get out of bed and just get moving! You know you'll feel better physically and emotionally for it.

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