15 April 2009


I'm of two minds about taking supplements. There are times when I refuse to take anything but the truth of the matter is that I probably need some. I eat well but I know there are days I don't eat enough. Some days I'm so busy and by the end of the day I'm wiped out. Then there are the times I am so busy for days in a row and then I have trouble sleeping. I will not take sleeping pills, that is just out. So when I heard about Stemulite I was intrigued. It's an all natural supplement that will help boost your energy, lose weight, even sleep better. That sounds pretty good to me. It's just things like melatonin, L-carnitine, things like that. I don't see anything that I haven't seen in the health food stores. I like that it's all in one place because I hate taking pills. Also, as I run head-on into menopause things are changing in my body. If I could get something that would help me sleep and isn't a drug of any kind, I'm there. It's a bitch waking up numerous times during the night.

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