17 April 2009

Just because I know what's going on

doesn't mean it will stop all by itself. I was very pleased to have figured out what was going on, that was well more then half the battle. So this morning I was all ready to get up and work out hard.....Except I didn't set the right alarm.... Hmm.....Freudian slip?? Who knows. I didn't beat myself up over it just figured tomorrow is another day.

I have to get that paper done tomorrow. I've been struggling with it but I think I've got the tact I want to take now. I do believe I'm ready. I've got to really work hard tomorrow but I'm up to it. I won't have anytime this weekend to play at all. I won't even have time to look for term life insurance quotes. I'll be super busy getting that paper done.

Right now I must go have dinner. Ribs....yummmm......

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