02 April 2009


I had the worst headache yesterday. I woke up with it and thought it was because I was hungry. I ate and it was still there. I ignored it. I went for my run and it pounded the entire time. It was there all day. Finally, last night it got so bad I had to take something. It seems to be gone this morning but I have a headache hangover. I feel kind of foggy and a little out of it. So, this got me to thinking why? Usually when I get a headache I can figure out why. Also, my headaches are different from different causes. This was suspiciously like a lack of food headache. Hmmmm....Made me think. I stopped using artificial sweetener on Tuesday. Hmmmm.....could this be the problem?? I really think so. I stopped once before and had a headache for 3 days. Then for some inexplicable reason I started using it again but in a much lower quantity. I think that's what caused the headache and the foggy feeling today. I've said it before and I'll say it again, those things are chemicals and they are poison to our bodies. I am never, NEVER, using them again. I will not use any product that contains them. I wouldn't put that crap in my system. I'm done. And now I'm done with this rant.

I have a rather early dentist appointment today, they are implanting the post that will support the crown for my root canal. I don't really have time to work out. And I kind of don't feel like it. So, I'm thinking of taking my camera and going out shooting. I haven't been on a photo expedition in a long time and I'm kind of feeling it today. I'm thinking of heading up north shore way and shooting all along the way. That sounds like a fun day. It I'm going to do that I have to go feed the baby bird before I go. He can go about 6 hours without eating so he should be good while I'm gone.

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Jan from BetterSpines said...

Have a lovely expedition - it will be a good walk and clear your head. Yes, we all know sweeteners are REALLY BAD, but in our house we have to balance that with diabetes. Thank goodness we found out about stevia. My sniffles have gone and my finger joints are more flexible. Have a great day!


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