01 April 2009

15 days until.......

Making the video post yesterday was fun. I may do that once in a while just to spice things up a little. Also, it will be a good way to visually track my progress. I take pictures but I think I like this better. It was interesting, it took me a long time to hit publish on that post. I was debating if I really wanted to post a video of me. Then I just said what the heck, I can always take it down later.

I have got to start writing down my food intake. Not because I'm eating too much, but the opposite. Yesterday I ate; an egg burrito, salad, flat bread with hummus, 2 string cheese, steak with rice, slice of lemon cake. That is not good on any day. I need to eat more and more consistently. So it's April 1, that's a good day to start tracking food. It's just like working out. Once I get into the habit of it it will be easy. Right now I'm off to make a protein shake and get ready for my run.

1 comment:

Benson said...

Good on ya for documenting. It's a good tool.
Your video is great.
You looked like you had a good workout (sweat and messy hair). Good job.
I loved hearing the birds calling in the background.
keep it up.

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