22 June 2009

It really is that easy....

Last Thursday and Friday I was dead tired. By 2 pm I felt so incredibly drained that one day I actually laid down and took a little nap. That is unusual for me on a lot of different levels. First, as much as I love them, I don't take naps anymore. I will lie down on the couch with Sammy and watch a little TV, but after about 30 minutes I have to get up and do something. So napping is very strange for me. Second, getting that tired is bizarre. I mean I was bone tired. I felt like I could not move another step. I could not hold my head up. It was horrible. There are other reasons but you get the idea; very strange for me.

Friday I got up and forced myself to work out even though I was just exhausted. Saturday I did the same thing. Yesterday I was actually looking forward to working out. I also felt pretty good yesterday and had my normal amount of energy. This morning I feel great. So, the moral of the story here is, between eating right and working out for a couple of days I've got my energy back. Yeah!!!!

We did our weekly shopping yesterday and had to stop at Long's Drugs for a couple of things. Apparently the Long's by us got one of those new POS systems at the register and the cashier was having a hard time. She kept hitting the buttons like it was the old system and the thing kept beeping at her. I wasn't sure we were ever going to get out of there. These systems seem pretty cool though and they do a lot of things, like take credit and debit cards, that required a separate reader. Anyway, I wasn't tired but I was ready to jump over the counter and figure it out for her :)

Okay, I have to go workout and get some things done before school starts.

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