12 June 2009


You find it when you least expect it. I stumbled on this blog about 2 months ago and have been lurking and reading it ever since. Today he hit 200 lbs lost! How awesome is that? How did he do it you might ask. What program did he use? Did he hire a trainer? Use one of those prepackaged food programs? Use a fat burner supplement? No! He did none of those things. He started moving more and eating less. He did it all on his own with just his own willpower and determination. For the last couple of weeks he's been tantalizingly close to the 200 mark but it was taunting him. Did he give up?? No way!! He started running!! I mean what a fabulous inspiration this guy is. If he can do it anyone can do it.

So now with that, having been such a slacker myself lately, I am using him as inspiration to get back on track. The food has been okay but I haven't been journaling everything. The exercise has not been good. It's been really hot here. Yesterday it was 92!!! The hottest temperature ever recorded in Hawaii was 95!!! It's shaping up to be another scorcher today too. It's 6:30 and I'm already sweating. So I'm going to work out here pretty quick before it gets much hotter. I just wanted to share this guy with you. He really is an inspiration. 200 lbs - all on his own!!! Way to go!!!!

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