12 June 2009

Cardio Coach

The last 2 days have been brutally hot here. I mean really, really hot. It's been far too hot to run outside after the sun comes up, and since I'm off this week I'm not up before the sun. So I've bailed on my runs the last 2 days and opted for the cool workout room and my elliptical machine. Yesterday I did about 30 minutes on the elliptical and a strength routine. After I was done I thought of Cardio Coach. I bought 3 programs about a year ago, I think, and for some reason stopped using them. When I thought of them yesterday I was struck with a brilliant idea. I dug out my old iPod, charged it up, and loaded my Cardio Coach onto that one. I used it this morning and remembered how much I liked it. The guys voice, Sean O'Malley, has an awesome voice and it's very easy to listen to. The programs are intervals and you are able to work as hard as you want. You can use them on any machine that you can adjust, the music is good and the workouts are fun. I did a little over 30 minutes though there is an optional interval I could have done that would have put the workout around 35 minutes. Anyway, if you are looking for a little something different in your cardio workouts, check out Cardio Coach, it's worth it.

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