05 June 2009

Sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious

I've said it before, this week has been rough. I've been super busy, lots going on. I haven't had a chance to sit down and really relax all week. My eating has been horrible this week. Just horrible. I kept putting it off to being so busy and tired and making poor choices. That seemed the obvious reason. But I was wrong. The reason was money. I've mentioned before that money has been tight, really tight, the last couple of months and even though I have a job it will take a month or two for all things to straighten out. Well, I just realized that what's been causing the overeating. Every time I thought about money I would head towards the food. Oh yeah, the exercise has been none existent for the same reasons. I was just sitting there planning out how I was going to get a grip on things when it hit me. I need to straighten out the money before anything will work on the exercise/eating front. So I did. I sat down and worked out the bills and it will be tight but it's doable. It will be much better when I have a consistent paycheck coming in every week, but I think we'll make it. So having faced the money demon I now feel ready to face the eating.

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