05 June 2009

It's always something

I'm either too busy or not busy enough. It's too hot. It's too cold. I haven't eaten. I just ate. It is always something. This week has been a perfect example of that. Every single day I had the intention of working out yet due to one thing or another I didn't. I was good there for a while but then my laser like focus moved off target and it was all over. I have to shift my focus back. Now.

I started my Thursday night class last night and it runs until 9:15!!! Ugh!!!! Don't they realize that I'm in bed by 9??? Yea, that's going to take a little adjusting. The good part is today is the last day I have to be up super early. Next week I have off and then summer school starts but I don't teach until 11. When school starts again it will be tough but that will only be for a couple of weeks.

More important though is getting back into working out. I signed up for the marathon in December!! I have to run!!!!

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