Line in the sand

That's today. I debated going to WW all day yesterday but finally decided that in order to stop this serious backsliding I have to go. Today is the line in the sand. I can wallow in the misery or I can work on shaking it off like a wet dog. I choose to shake it off. I'm not looking forward to the scale this morning but it will be better then waiting until next week. After WW I'm running. Either the marsh trail or around Lanikai, not sure yet, but I'm running. I'm running most days from now on. Running and running and running. It's the thing I can do most easily. I can do it for 15 minutes or 2 hours depending on how much time I have. (Okay, I can't run for 2 hours yet but I'll get there). I'm going to start carrying running stuff with me at all times and I'm going to run. Run. Run....Run.... I want to get in some swimming and biking too but I have a marathon to run in December and I want to run it in under 5 hours. Time to run.......


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