23 August 2009

Okay, ready to dive in...

I'm pretty rested up now and I have another day to sleep in so I should be just fine by tomorrow. I've worked out yesterday and today and feel pretty good there. Now I think I'm ready to really jump in and get back on the wagon. I want to continue to workout and start tracking my calories. I want to shoot for 1400 cals per day (or thereabouts) and 30 minutes of activity. That should be totally doable. I don't think that's very outrageous or difficult to do. So tomorrow it all begins. I have to find my little notebook to record all my food, that is something that I have to do.

This morning I cleaned off my desk and sorted through some mail that had been sitting there for a while. Luckily I didn't find anything important. There were no unpaid bills or wedding invitations that I didn't respond to so that was good. We then went house hunting and this is going to be has hard as I thought it would be. The houses that were open were either larger, way too large for us, or butt ugly. We did see one house that would have worked great for us. The layout was perfect and the adjustments that needed to be made wouldn't be that big a deal. It was perfect. It was also $125,000 more then we can afford. Yikes!!! Oh well, we've only just begun. Okay, I have papers to grade and things to do..

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