10 October 2009

Accountability Day

When I started this two week break I wanted to drop as much weight as possible. The first week kind of went awry and I was sidelined for a couple of days. The second week though has been awesome. I have been active and productive and just feeling fabulous. Cool. But, have I lost any weight this week? The answer is yes!! 4 lbs. I began the week at 188.5 and am now 184.5. Sweet. So how have the last few days been with the new car buying and everything? Well, since you asked, I'm putting in the entire week:

Day 1: 1900
Day 2: 1830
Day 3: 1375
Day 4: 1550
Day 5: 2000
Day 6: 1705

For a total of 10,360 calories consumed, 3,000 cals burned which equals 7,360 net consumption. Divide that number by 6 and it totals out to 1225 calories per day. Sweet!!! That is not bad at all. And one of the things they used to throw around WW was to vary your daily calorie intake so your body doesn't get used to it. Now this week I probably drank a little too much beer but it's clearly not the end of the world.

I really think the key, for me at least, is exercise. If I get my workout done in the morning I am just so much better all day. I find it much easier to eat right and resist sweets.

So I've done fairly well this week but break is now over. Monday it's back to school and that means getting up at 4:30 to work out. I know I can do it I just need to watch what time I go to bed. So next week will be an adjustment but I feel so good I don't want to stop.

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