09 October 2009

What have I been doing???


My Escape was slowly falling apart. The muffler had been rattling for about 6 months, I just know it was rusted to pieces but I didn't want to look to find out. The clutch was starting to act funny, I knew it was going to need another one soon. Also, the transmission had gotten really sloppy - I'm sure that was on it's way out. Then last weekend the rear window broke. I took it to the dealership on Wednesday to find out how much it would be to fix it and they told me about $1000. With all the other stuff the car needs we were looking at spending about $3000 to keep it on the road. It's a 9 year old car, how much longer will it last? When I was at the dealership getting a price on the window, they had 2 Mustangs there with pink stripes. I immediately fell in love. When I got the bad news about my Escape I jokingly said I'd just buy the Mustang. Well yesterday after lunch Hubby and I walked over there just to see what kind of deal we could get on the car. The hardtop was $30,000 but they ended up giving us like $5,000 in rebates and trade-ins and all kind of stuff. Plus we got a sweet deal on the financing - thank god it's a bad time to sell cars :) Anyway, I drove this thing home yesterday. After 9 years in a 4 cylinder stick shift SUV, driving an automatic car is weird. But I'll adjust :)

Most importantly this has not sidetracked me from my pursuit of healthy living. I biked yesterday morning. I ran this morning. My food intake has been excellent even though I had beer with lunch yesterday. I feel incredibly and now I have a shiny new car. Woo Hoo!!!!

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