15 October 2009

Just a quick update

I haven't posted all week and it's late but I thought I would take a moment and note some stuff.

So after a two week break I'm back at school but I'm still managing to stick to my plan. My eating is great because when I pack my lunch in the morning I'm loaded with good intentions. By the time afternoon rolls around and I'm dying for some sugar, there's none in my lunch. Yea me!!! I'll take success anyway I can get it. I did eat 3 tiny pumpkin muffins. They were small, two bites, and really good. I love pumpkin so this time of year is especially dangerous for me. I can suck up pumpkin goodies like I have a central vacuum motor for a mouth. But I had those 3 little muffins and my usual large muffin and iced mocha before class. I'm probably a little higher on the calories then I want to be today but I didn't have any dinner so it may have balanced out.

One a really good note, I've kept up the activity. On Monday I overslept but I did stop and run on the way home. Tuesday I did 30 min intervals on the elliptical. Today I ran between my job and my class. In Manoa. Which is hills. I was so proud of myself. Tomorrow I'm going to get up and do the elliptical again.

I came to a decision the other day in a weird, kind of non-decision way. I have been measuring everything and writing down everything I eat. I quickly realized that doesn't work for me. I don't mind measuring, that's fine, but recording everything is just too much work for me. It is something I'm not going to be able to sustain forever. I know this because I've stopped too often in my life. So I've been measuring things and taking much smaller serving sizes and it's been working for me. I feel great. My clothes are getting looser. But I'm eating pretty much whatever I want, just much less of it. Hey, it's working. That's really all that matters right now.

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