24 October 2009

Rain, rain go away.....

After a very good night's sleep I wake with the intentions of going for a run, washing the car, and getting some chores done only to find it raining. Raining pretty hard too. Hmm...What to do now? I could go online and look for spa filters though I'm not sure why I would do that.

I am trying to figure out why I'm so tired. I have a couple of theories. One is the heat. It's been brutally humid here and makes sleeping really uncomfortable. So last night I took a shower right before bed - usually I take one earlier in the night. Also, I'm wondering if I'm not getting enough sleep. So I got 9.5 hours last night. The thing is, I would need to go to bed at 8 pm to get that much sleep during the week. I don't think that is realistic. Also, I think my eating may have something to do with it. I think I've been inadvertently cutting my calories too low. I also think I'm not getting enough carbs in my diet. Those are just a couple fo thoughts. Hmm.... looks like it might be clearing a little. Maybe I'll get my run in after all.

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Happy New Year

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