05 December 2009

How to derail a workout

I got up this morning with the plan of having my coffee then going to workout. I was sitting at my desk reading blogs finishing my coffee when the phone rang. It was my Realtor. Our offer had been accepted. We are buying a house. Holy Crap!!! I immediately started thinking about all the things we had to do and I started looking into getting them done. I, of course, do not want to wait until the last minute but I don't need to do everything right this second. I quickly realized that I am sick to my stomach and have a raging headache. I think a little corner of my mind thought there was no way they would accept this crazy offer. But they did!!!! I'm buying a house and I think I need to go throw up now.

We've been really watching our money the last year or so because we knew we were going to do this eventually but this is a little sooner than planned. That's what happens when you find the perfect house, you have to jump on it. So there are a few more hurdles we have to jump over in order to make this happen. That's okay, we have almost 60 days to get everything done and I have three weeks off soon. That's good because there will be a lot of packing and sorting and selling things. OH. MY. GOD. How am I going to do this?? And, I joined this weight loss challenge on Facebook so I'm supposed to figure out how to lose belly fat while I try and jump through hoops and get ready for a big move!?!?!?! OH. MY. GOD. What the hell have I done?????

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