21 December 2009

Where is my mojo??

I have so many things to do and absolutely no motivation. I have the time and opportunity to do the things I've been wanting to do for months yet I can not seem to get moving on them. Part of it is the weather. It's been cold and rainy here for the past two days and that makes me do a whole lot of this:

Would you look at that? Everyone is passed out!!! It was that kind of day. Today's a little better but I still have zero motivation or desire to do the things I need and want to do. The things aren't that hard either. It's not like I'm looking for jobs in Philadelphia So it's time to fake it. I have a schedule of sorts and I'm just going to follow it. No thinking or changing my mind, just do it. Sometimes if I follow a schedule things will start to click into place. That's what I'm hoping for now. We shall see. So I'm off, the first thing on my schedule is a run.

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