20 December 2009

Day 2

Yesterday did not go as well as planned but I think it was okay. I had to chaperon a dance last night and I knew the food choices would not be good. I planned for it and was willing to accept a certain amount of leeway in my eating. What I did not know about and did not plan for was the sundae bar. Hello!!! I am weak in the face of macadamia nut ice cream, M&M's and gummy worms!!! I did indulge. I was also did not get to bed until midnight so it is possible most of what I ate got burned off. I ended up consuming about 2250 but I did run in the morning and walk around for 6 hours last night. So I'm calling the day a wash and moving on with my life.

One thing that happened yesterday that really got me motivated (though not motivated enough to pass up the sundae bar) was my clothes. When I went to dress for this dance, which was a little fancy, I realized none of my really nice clothes fit me. I have some really nice pants and dresses but none of them fit. And it's not by a lot, just 5-10 lbs and they will fit again. So that is my goal, to fit into my nice clothes again. I can totally do it. But right now I think I need to lie down. I was up until midnight last night. That is waaaaaay past my bedtime.

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