13 January 2010

Freaking cold!!

It has been unbelievably cold here.  When I left this morning it was 62 F!!!!  I drove down the road a little ways and the mist on the polo field was so thick you couldn't see anything.  There it was 59 F!!!!  That is freaking cold!!!!  It was so cold I could not get out of bed to run. I could barely get out of bed to get ready for work. 

I did have a small epiphany today.  I was starting to beat myself up because I didn't run and I realized that I'm pretty happy where I am.  I would like to run more and I would definitely like to lose 20 lbs but overall I'm cool with things the way they are. I'm thinking it's time to stop searching for fat burners for women and just focus on feeling good. Which I do. I need to workout everyday and I need to watch what I eat, but I think it's time to just accept myself and stop stressing.

I will get up tomorrow morning and run. I have no choice!!!

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