Loooong Weekend.....

After a few days off I quickly forget how exhausting teaching is. It is definitely a physical activity. After a two day seminar yesterday was my first day back teaching and I was exhausted last night. It just doesn't seem that hard yet starting up again after a break is brutal. Today was better but only because I did not get up and run this morning. I did yesterday but this morning I just couldn't do it. I did come home a take a little nap today too :) But now I have a long weekend and time to get rest and activity in. I have some things to do but nothing major or critical. It should be a fairly relaxing weekend. I want to clean my car and my house, power wash the bird cages, and look for the best weight loss diet pills - hey hope springs eternal...... Tonight though I rest. I'm going to veg in front of the TV for a while.


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