10 January 2010

The return of hardcore

After I wrote my post yesterday I got ready and headed out on a run. I ran the same intervals; 4 min run/90 sec walk; that I've been doing all week but I went further in the same amount of time. It was tough on the lungs but I think that was due to the vog we are having right now. I felt pretty good after, came home and washed my car. Then we headed over to school so I could do some things to my classroom. After that it was off to lunch. Overall a pretty good day.

We have a habit of going out to lunch on Saturdays, and I have noticed something. Unless you go to a restaurant that serves a specific type of cuisine, like Japanese or Italian, all the food is the same. There may be some slight variations but overall it is exactly the same. We went to a new place yesterday, The Varsity, and based on the food we could have been at The Shack, Kailua Pub, or Ruby Tuesday's. I understand it, if you have something that works - and obviously this type of food does - then go with it. But as a consumer it gets old.

After my enlightening post yesterday I headed out for my run. When I came back I washed my car - do you have any idea how often I do that???? Then we went to school and did some stuff in my classroom. What occurred to me is that activity is a good thing. I was busy all morning and felt great. I felt optimistic about the situation, I felt energized. It was good. So I've come to some conclusions. It seems the more time I have the longer I will sit at the computer. The longer I sit at the computer the lower my mood becomes. So, the computer must go. Not completely, but it must go. Today is my last day of vacation so I just won't have as much time to spend on it anymore, but even on workdays I spend way too much time on it as it is. So the following rules now apply:
  • Absolutely no computer in the morning- I can check email on my phone and blogs/facebook will just have to wait
  • During the day, no more than 5 minutes at a time on the computer - unless I'm doing school work.  
  • In the evenings - 30 - 45 minutes tops, that's all.  
  • One blog post a night and I will alternate blogs, except for my photo a day blog - that will continue.
I am also instituting some changes in my house routine to make things easier in the morning for working out.  I need to have all my chores done before I head out on my run at 5 am.  That way, when I get back I can just shower, get dressed and leave.  No fuss, no muss.  I will have everything packed up so I can just grab it and run.  Maybe I should get a fancy  Kipling bag to put it all in, one to match my car :) Seriously, before I go to bed at night everything will be ready for the next morning.  Then, when I get up all I need to do is feed the birds, make coffee, and head out on my run. Good to go. 

It's going to take some discipline to do this, especially in the beginning, but I think as long as I keep moving I'll be okay.  No sitting for hours at the computer or in front of the TV.   Now, I'm taking Axl for a hike. 

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