May I just say

What a freaking rockstar I am??   Let me explain..... I've had the May issue of Shape Magazine laying around for a couple of weeks now. It's this one:

A blogger is a success story... Ellen, although crazy, is someone I admire a bit. I like her attitude on life in general but her perkiness and weird sense of humor sometimes drive me crazy...Anyway.....

This one has been laying around the house, I pick it up and read a little then put it back know...I think in some ways I was avoiding it...who knows.... So the other night I picked it up and stumbled across this workout in their workout express section. It's an interval workout that combines cardio and strength. I read it over and thought it looked pretty good though a little easy, but I'd give it a try. I only have 30 minutes in the morning to workout and I was really looking for something that would be fast and efficient. So on Thursday I tried it for the first time. May I just say...OMFG!!! I thought I was going to throw up!! It is a brutal workout and just exactly what I was looking for. I only got about 1/2 way through it the first time...Yikes!!! Friday I did it again and got all the way through but I had to tone it down just a touch. Nevertheless, by the time I was done I was dripping sweat and limp as a noodle. Totally cool!! Last night I was thinking that I want to do this workout every morning but I know better then to do the same workout consistently. Then, literally in the middle of the night, it hit me - change the strength moves. By changing the strength moves I won't be working the same muscles every day and can a good, total body workout. So this morning I switched it up and once again....OMFG!!! It was brutal and I thought I was going to cry. I love it. So that is definitely one piece of the puzzle - a workout I like. I can do this for a couple of weeks and hopefully get in shape enough to do more. I love this it.... Now I need to work on my food. I think I should be taking vitamins but I don't really know what kind...the last time I took vitamins consistently they were prenatal vitamins...of course those are pretty good...Anyway, working on the food is next on my hit list....


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